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Restaurant Games - Play online restaurant games for girls

Play free Restaurant Games for Girls online on Use your management skills to run a restaurant, prepare food and serve your customers. Play the games and have fun girls and boys!
Start the day with some good energy and make this fast meal before you go to school or to work. The ingredients you need are: onion, red pepper, green pepper, oil, garlic, chicken stock, tomatoes and some eggs.
Played : 4092
Added on : 03/12/2013
Mashed Potatoes a very famous Irish dish, very simple and less time consuming. So help this young lady in preparing the dish by following the instruction in the game.
Played : 2817
Added on : 21/11/2013
Join this cooking game and find that Lobster Thermidor is a French dish which is consisting of a creamy mixture of cooked lobster meat, egg yolks, and cognac or brandy, stuffed into a lobster shell and can be really awesome for any special occasion.
Played : 2545
Added on : 17/11/2013
Do you wish to give a rounded chocolate candies for your lovable Babies? Follow the instruction carefully and become a master chef of the tasty chocolate candies.
Played : 3930
Added on : 26/10/2013
This dessert is an open pie filled with a mixture of flour, butter, brown sugar, molasses then baked. Most children love pies and cook this recipe will be very funny.
Played : 2339
Added on : 22/10/2013
All the ingredients you need to mix up accordingly to complete a nice dish named Treacle Tart for your friends and family. Good luck!
Played : 1770
Added on : 14/10/2013
Cook a recipe for these popular dumplings also known as Japanese favorite one. Follow the guideline and complete the preparation.
Played : 2767
Added on : 16/09/2013
Girls, cook this seafood ragout dish at your kitchen right now by following the instructions of this cooking game.
Played : 2171
Added on : 15/08/2013
Do you know how to cook aspic? Follow this cooking game and learn how to prepare this delicious dish at your kitchen. Its perfect for weeknights.
Played : 4175
Added on : 11/07/2013
Could you help this princess to serve the exact food to the customers? Join her castle restaurant and help her to run a successful restaurant.
Played : 6544
Added on : 07/07/2013
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