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Help him out with the cooking and follow Sams instructions carefully. Mix in all the right ingredients in the right order and Sam is going to take you through the cooking process.
Category : Cake
Played : 7388
Added on : 11/12/2013
Barbie needs your help for her teeth cleaning. Can you help her? Be a Dentist and Check out the cool dentist tools to clean up Barbie's teeth.
Category : Barbie
Played : 7302
Added on : 10/12/2013
Gigi Grant is the daughter of a genie who needs your help for her makeover. Start doing her hair spa treatment, following a nice facial care and then dress her up with a nice outfit.
Category : Makeover
Played : 3921
Added on : 09/12/2013
The girl needs your help to make a special cake for Jim. While she is preparing the ingredients you can start the process and complete a nice decoration. Have fun girls!
Category : Cake
Played : 3093
Added on : 08/12/2013
This game will make you fall in love with the brownies. Start making this delicious dessert and decorate it using your artist skills.
Category : Fast Food
Played : 4008
Added on : 07/12/2013
Could you take Barbie to the most fabulous spa: The Ever After High Spa, the Spa where the children of the famous fairy tale characters relax in royal style?
Category : Barbie
Played : 4852
Added on : 06/12/2013
They are pretty easy to prepare but be careful of the instructions though. Set your cooking skills and start preparing the dish.
Category : Chef
Played : 3815
Added on : 05/12/2013
Baby Lulu have some trouble! She needs diaper change. Can you help her mother? Act as a professional babysitter and complete the task. Have fun!
Category : Babysitting
Played : 4040
Added on : 04/12/2013
Start the day with some good energy and make this fast meal before you go to school or to work. The ingredients you need are: onion, red pepper, green pepper, oil, garlic, chicken stock, tomatoes and some eggs.
Category : Restaurant
Played : 4092
Added on : 03/12/2013
Help Bugs Bunny prepare a delicious recipe with a key ingredient. Can you guess what that is? Carrots, of course! Good luck and have fun girls!
Category : Cake
Played : 9268
Added on : 02/12/2013
To cook this tasty dessert and take a lot of pictures just join this cooking game and complete the task as soon as possible.
Category : Fast Food
Played : 1756
Added on : 01/12/2013
You are going to love this one pot lasagna soup and to know how to cook this dish join this cooking game and follow the directions. Enjoy!
Category : Chef
Played : 2389
Added on : 30/11/2013
Would you planning to give a special and new type snacks to her friends. Try out this recipe and give surprise to everyone. Good luck!
Category : Kitchen
Played : 2300
Added on : 29/11/2013
Find a a unique indulging treatment for your skin and hair at the most fabulous spa where the beautiful Queen of fire pampers herself from head to toe.
Category : Makeover
Played : 17469
Added on : 28/11/2013
Barbie is going to the class of fetching dance lessons, for some time now. Dress up her with a nice outfit and add some chic accessories too. Enjoy!
Category : Barbie
Played : 2937
Added on : 27/11/2013
Joining me in my kitchen where I will be teaching you how to prepare my favorite recipe in the whole world. Have a fantastic time!
Category : Fast Food
Played : 2312
Added on : 26/11/2013
Learn how to cook Crispy Tempura With Sauce by playing this cooking game online and make your dinner very special. Once done serve it among the friends and family. Have fun girls!
Category : Chef
Played : 1721
Added on : 25/11/2013
Learn how to make a special type of bread that has apples and cinnamon in it. It will taste really good and sweet. Enjoy and have fun!
Category : Kitchen
Played : 1953
Added on : 24/11/2013
Do you love to find the hidden alphabets? Find all those alphabets to store your high score in the leader board. Have fun girls!
Category : Barbie
Played : 12650
Added on : 23/11/2013
You will have to make up the bride and also you must pick a smashing white wedding gown. She will look sophisticated and her wedding will be perfect!
Category : Makeover
Played : 2010
Added on : 22/11/2013
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