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Fast Food Games - Play online fast food games for girls

Play Fast Food Games Online including burger Games at Cook and then serve the fast food to the customers or your dear ones by playing our virtual cooking games. Good luck!
This game will make you fall in love with the brownies. Start making this delicious dessert and decorate it using your artist skills.
Played : 3923
Added on : 07/12/2013
To cook this tasty dessert and take a lot of pictures just join this cooking game and complete the task as soon as possible.
Played : 1713
Added on : 01/12/2013
Joining me in my kitchen where I will be teaching you how to prepare my favorite recipe in the whole world. Have a fantastic time!
Played : 2265
Added on : 26/11/2013
Ready to cook this new recipe? Join the game and follow the directions to complete the preparation for this yummy treat. Have fun!
Played : 2044
Added on : 06/11/2013
This fun game will allow you to set loose your imagination and create your perfect donuts. You can choose between different types of creams, toppings and fruit.
Played : 1876
Added on : 28/10/2013
Join sushi classes and follow the directions carefully to complete the cooking procedure of this delicious fast food. Enjoy!
Played : 2057
Added on : 23/10/2013
Follow the directions of this cooking game and complete the recipe as soon as possible and have fun girls!
Played : 1516
Added on : 29/09/2013
Your are going to cook a delicious chicken sandwich for your love one so join the game and follow the direction to complete the preparation. Enjoy!
Played : 2487
Added on : 22/09/2013
Spring rolls are a large variety of filled, rolled appetizers. To cook this yummy treat just follow the steps of this cooking game and easily served as quick snacks.
Played : 2550
Added on : 17/08/2013
Do you like to cook something different? Why not try this Peanut Butter Fudge Pie recipe? Find the detail info all about the preparation by playing this virtual cooking game.
Played : 2069
Added on : 14/08/2013
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