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Chef Games - Play online chef games for girls

Free online chef games for girls and kids. Play food games, restaurant, cooking, baking, chef games online for boys and more.
They are pretty easy to prepare but be careful of the instructions though. Set your cooking skills and start preparing the dish.
Played : 3815
Added on : 05/12/2013
You are going to love this one pot lasagna soup and to know how to cook this dish join this cooking game and follow the directions. Enjoy!
Played : 2389
Added on : 30/11/2013
Learn how to cook Crispy Tempura With Sauce by playing this cooking game online and make your dinner very special. Once done serve it among the friends and family. Have fun girls!
Played : 1721
Added on : 25/11/2013
Follow the guidelines of Popeye to cook his favorite Spinach Tortellini. You can try it at your kitchen so get started now! Good luck!
Played : 1519
Added on : 03/11/2013
Are you looking for a refreshing dish? Cook this food. It is traditionally used in Japanese cuisine for their delicious flavor.
Played : 1287
Added on : 20/10/2013
Look out this new recipe and cook a delicious dish for your dear ones. Follow instructions and complete the cooking.
Played : 1817
Added on : 16/10/2013
Cook your favorite dish by following the simple direction of this cooking game. Good luck girls!
Played : 1331
Added on : 12/10/2013
Cook this yummy dish and give everyone surprise. These make a great party snack or a simple supper for kids. Enjoy!
Played : 1459
Added on : 10/09/2013
Join Sara's cooking class and learn how to cook Raisin Pudding for your friends and family. All the guideline you will find from Sara so let's cook this dish.
Played : 1275
Added on : 13/08/2013
If you love to cook Indian dish then I'm sure you will love to prepare this dish which is delicious to eat and easy to cooking. Once done served in a tomato cream sauce.
Played : 1646
Added on : 09/08/2013
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